Retail spaces

Retail spaces

Arriving in a commercial area and feeling welcomed is already a big step towards a good sale. And if JUNCKERS solid wood floors are successful in the commercial world, it’s because of the quality of their products and the wide range of customization options available during installation.

JUNCKERS provides solid wood flooring that withstands severe stresses, foot traffic, high heels, carts, etc., and maintains a long-lasting, flawless surface. The knowledge of Wood Floor Partners installation teams will allow you to adapt the floor to your colors. A question of brand image.

Welcoming the customer

JUNCKERS is the only manufacturer of solid wood flooring to produce its own varnishes and oils. The commercial surfaces we have created are proof of this and will seduce your customers.

A beautiful floor adds value to your products

You can’t sell beautiful products in a poor quality environment. Choosing JUNCKERS solid wood flooring for your store is a way to show your customers that you respect them and want the best for them.

Wood Floor Partners’ parquet workers are used to working in commercial areas and know how to adapt to all shapes and constraints.

JUNCKERS quality in the trade

The quality control system of JUNCKERS products meets the criteria for CE certification according to EN 14342, EN 14904. Our quality control is in accordance with the ISO 9000 standard.

All JUNCKERS floors installed in commercial areas by Wood Floor Partners meet these standards, which allows us to guarantee a result that meets your expectations.