Our commitment to sports

The realization of sports halls in France and abroad is the trump card of Wood Floor Partners: our knowledge of this environment and its very particular requirements makes us recognized actors in this field.
Indeed, solid parquet sports floors have different caracteristics than other wood floors. Our expertise is recognised by professionals, especially thanks to our label Qualisport. Many achievements testify to this and we are proud to add you to our list …


We are capable of studying with you the best solutions to design your sport wood floor. Your requirements will be taken into account upstream to garantee a perfect final result.


Our team always installs our floors. This guarantee ours realisations’ quality and the experience of Wood Floor Partners staff makes the difference.


We are mostly involved in France, including overseas territories. But that doesn’t stop us from going in other countries to installs your wood floor.

In video

The Denain city’s sports complex is a great exemple of realisation because we can see all of Wood Floor Partners knowledge and our commitment to sport.