Junckers, the reference in wood flooring

Our partner

JUNCKERS is the first European manufacturer of solid wood floor and sport and danse flooring system.

JUNCKERS provides sport system to meet the need of local communities and sport professionnals, from multipurpose rooms to world renowned venues : Olympic and Paralypic Games, Euro Basket, Afro Basket, Commonwealth Games, etc.

A global approach

JUNCKERS is the only solid wood floor manufacturer to develop and produce its own range of polishes and oils. The development and production follow strong traditions of Danish craftsmanship.

JUNCKERS provides a global and technical solution based on more than 80 years of experience and a worldwide presence through 7 subsidiaries, dealers and agents.

An eco-responsible company

Junckers uses 100% of the wood

JUNCKERS is an company that consumes large volumes of energy for drying and processing wood. However, wood residues (sawdust, wood chips, etc.) are used to supply a power plant on site. It provides electricity for the production site and for the Danish electricity network.

A positive CO2 impact

Wood is considered to be a neutral CO2 impact material. And because Junckers generates more electricity that it can consume, the company has a positive environmental impact in terms of CO2 emissions.

PEFC and FSC certifications

At Junckers they believe in sustainable development and support initiatives that improve sensibilisation to environmental challenges. They possess the PEFC ans FSC agreements. Theses traceability certificates allow us to follow the wood from the forest to the end product.
The PEFC and FSC organisations works globally to guarantee a good forest management in order to protect nature, wildlife and men.

Quality policy

The quality control system of Junckers products s based on the criteria of the CE certification according to EN 14342, EN 14904. Our quality control is in accordance with the ISO 9000 standard.

CE – Performance declaration
All Junckers sport wood flooring are certified CE. That means that Junckers’ wood floor are up to the standard norms of the EU concerning security, environment and health.

Sustainable development:
At Junckers, they have identified 3 axes by which they can contribute to sustainable development : economy, interior climate and material uses. By doing that they can give the necessary information to auditors and appraisers for the certification of different type of construction project.

Interior climate : they are taking care of the client’s health
All their solid wood floor, their water-based varnish and their oils are certified by the interior climate Danish label.
A product certified by this label has undergone extensive emanation and odor tests. This guarantee the absence of chemicals in the floor that could affect the air quality in a room.