Our Qualisport and Qualibat labels

Our Qualisport and Qualibat labels, guarantees of quality!

Wood Floor Partners is proud to announce that we have obtained the following labels: Qualisport and Qualibat. This certifies our expertise in our field of work.


As of October 1, 2020, Wood Floor Partners has obtained the qualification:

Qualisport 140 – Covered facility flooring with surface deformation Parquet finish. 

The main mission of this association, supported by the Ministry of Sports, is to grant so-called “qualification” titles to sport and leisure companies. Companies with this label are recognized for their know-how and professionalism. Only six companies, including Wood Floor Partners, have obtained this qualification.

The official website of Qualisport

Our QUALIBAT labels

Since October 21, 2020, Wood Floor Partners has also obtained three qualifications issued by Qualibat:

Qualibat 4341 : Glued and floating parquet floors (current technicality)

Qualibat 4342 : Parquets of large surface (confirmed technicality)

Qualibat 4343 : Traditional and parquet flooring (superior technicality)

The mission of Qualibat is to promote the reliability of companies working in the building trades.  A label from the organization certifies a team of expert, reliable and reactive professionals. Obtaining these three qualifications shows that Wood Floor Partners has a technicality that few have. It is therefore a guarantee of confidence.

Official website of Qualibat